terms and conditions

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Terms and Conditions are to prescribe for the condition of usage, procedure, and other necessary requirements for the website services provided by Fayston (hereafter ‘the Company’).

2. Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions

A. The Terms and Conditions takes effect by notifying this to the website users./p>

B. The contents of the Terms and Conditions will be posted on the service page, and any changes will be notified through the Company’s online notice page.

C. Whenever the Company deems necessary, the Terms and Conditions may be revised, and the revised version will take effect in accordance with the provision of section A of this article.

3. Policy Regarding the Application of Terms and Conditions

A. The Terms and Conditions applies along with provision of usage and separate terms and conditions regarding services provided by the Company.

B. Matters that are not clarified by the Terms and Conditions will follow regulations indicated by relational statute.

4. Definition

Definition of terminology used in the Terms and Conditions are as follows.

A. “User” is a personal or business member who accesses this “homepage” and is provided with services through its Terms and Conditions.

B. “Join” is the action of filling out the application form, provided by the Company, with necessary information, agreeing to the terms of said Terms and Conditions, and completing the use contract.

C. “Member” is a user, personal or business, that provides information to register and is someone who is continuously provided information and services from the “homepage.”

D. “ID” is a combination of alphabet letters and numbers that the user applied for and confirmed by the Company for identification and provision of services.

E. “Password” is a combination of alphabet letters and numbers that the user selected to verify the member ID and for personal confidentiality on the internet.

F. “Close” is to terminate the use contract of a member.

G. Terminology not defined by the Terms and Conditions will be indicated in the Personal Services Clause and Provision of Usage.

5. Membership Qualification and Application

A. Membership registration occurs when the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions and complies to the short registration procedure requested by the Company.

B. The Company will provide a new member with a member ID free of charge and the applicant must apply with one’s own name.

C. Membership registration will be an acceptance of the user’s application by the Company and the agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

D. Users that have registered and met the requirements will be shown on screen that they have been successfully registered online.

6. Disqualification of Membership

A. Member qualification may be restricted and/or suspended if one or more of the following reasons are relevant.

i. Applying membership with stolen identity

ii. Applying with false information and/or false documentation

iii. Applying with the intent of disturbing the stability of society and/or fine custom

iv. Impeding service usage of other members and/or information theft etc.

v. Using the Company’s website to take part in illegal activities and/or actions forbidden by the Terms and Conditions

vi. Any other inadequate conditions of usage application set by the Company

7. Provision of Services and Usage

A. Service usage will be available 24 hours everyday throughout the whole year, if the Company does not run into any business and/or technical difficulties.

B. The company may suspend services when the following occur.

i. When system maintenance is required

ii. When the telecommunications service provider suspends telecommunications services in accordance with the telecommunications business laws

iii. When the Company is unable to provide services for other reasons

C. Services provided by the Company are as follows and can be changed after notification to users.

i. Homepage (Members Terms and Conditions)

ii. Other services developed by the Company or through joint contract with other companies

8. Consent and Usage of Member Information

회사는 상담 등을 위해 아래와 같은 개인정보를 수집하고 있습니다.

A. The Company’s Personal Information Protective Policy will be applied for the member’s personal information.

B. The Company’s member’s information will be collected, used, managed, and protected as follows.

i. Collection of Personal Information: The Company will collect your information through the information provided for registration for services, activity within the community, participation of various events, commercial and/or giveaway reception, etc.

ii. Usage of Personal Information: The Company does not release or provide your personal information, which has been collected through provision of services, to third parties, without consent. The only exceptions will be when requested by governmental institutions in accordance with telecommunications framework act or other related laws, investigations regarding illegal activity, request of the Internet Safety Commission, other related laws requesting information for set procedures, or information provided openly by yourself.

iii. Management of Personal Information: To protect and manage your personal information, you may frequently edit/delete your personal information in the member’s information tab found on the homepage.

iv. Protection of Personal Information: Only you may access/edit/delete your personal information and is maintained only by utilizing your ID and password. Therefore, you must not share your ID and password with another party and must logout and close the window once you are done utilizing the website service (this is essential to protect your personal information when using a computer or device that is shared with others like in an internet café, library, or similar public areas).

v. Others: Note that voluntary provision of personal information on the online forum, e-mail, etc. can be collected and used by others. Unwanted consequences may occur due to posting personal information in an open area. The responsibility of maintaining secrecy of personal information is one’s own, and consequences occurring from the exposure of personal information in these situations will not be the responsibility of the Company.

C. In accordance with this Terms and Conditions, to apply for services of the Company, is interpreted as consenting to the collection, usage, and supply of member information entered on the application form.

9. User Information Security

A. Registration applicants must immediately bear responsibility of maintaining the secret of one’s registered information when completing the registration procedure. The responsibilities for any consequences occurring after logging in with one’s ID and password is one’s own.

B. Management of one’s ID and password is one’s own, and in any case when it is found that one’s ID and password has been wrongly used, he/she must alert the Company immediately. The responsibility for one’s negligence is one’s own.

C. The user must log out each time he/she has finished with the service, and any negligence to do so, resulting in losses or damages regarding a third party utilizing the member’s information, will not be the Company’s responsibility.

10. Provision of Information and Insertion of Advertisement

A. The Company, to employ service, may post or use other methods to provide members with various information.

B. The Company, for service management, may post advertisements and such via website, electronic mail, etc.

11. Copyright of Posts Submitted to the Company

A. The copyright ownership of one’s post is one’s own.

B. The Company has the right to edit and move posted contents without prior notice and can delete content by the following circumstances.

i. Content that goes against the Terms and Conditions and/or is commercial, illegal, pornographic, vulgar.

ii. Content that contains slander and/or false accusations that would defame a member or third party.

iii. Content that violates public order and/or fine custom.

iv. Content that is deemed to be related to illegal activity.

v. Content posted by a closed account.

vi. Violation of other related law(s).

C. Responsibilities regarding civil or criminal cases occurring from copyright violation are borne by the one who posted the content.

12. Obligation and Responsibilities of the Company

A. Ownership and management of the service is with the Company.

B. The Company, without consent, cannot use members’ personal information, that have been collected through the service, to reveal, make public and/or distribute to others for commercial purposes, apart from due to related law and/or for investigations, etc.

13. Obligations of Member

A. Members must adhere to related laws, regulations of these Terms and Conditions, service guide and precautions etc. that are notified by the Company and must not interfere with the business of the Company in any way.

B. Members, without prior consent, cannot participate in any profit-making activity using the Company’s website service.

C. Members, without prior consent, cannot use information provided by the website service to copy, replicate, change, translate, publish, broadcast, etc. to provide to other parties.

D. Members must not do the following when using the website services.

i. Wrongful use of another member’s ID

ii. Intention of illegal activity and/or other related illegal actions

iii. Damaging morality, and other social order

iv. Defaming and/or insulting actions towards others

v. Violating the rights to others intellectual property etc.

vi. Computer hacking and/or distribution of computer viruses

vii. Transmitting commercial information regardless of others intentions

viii. Changing information posted on the Company’s website

ix. Actions that may cause inconvenience and/or concern to the stable management of services.

x. Any violations to other related laws.

14. Change of Member Information

A. When there is a change (address, email address etc.) to a member’s information, he/she must notify and change the information via the website managed by the Company.

B. The responsibilities for negligence of notifying and changing member information is one’s own and may result in suspension of services and/or closing of the account.

15. Deletion of Posts or Contents

The Company may, without prior consent or notice, delete posted content that has violated regulations or expired the set period by the Company.

16. Termination of Contract and Restriction of Usage

A. When a member desires to close out his/her account, he/she must apply to the Company via service or electronic mail one day prior to his/her desired date (two days prior when the desired close date falls on a holiday).

B. If a member violates the contents of the Terms and Conditions and does not close his/her account within the period set by the Company, it may close the member’s account.

C. The Company may, without prior notice, restrict and suspend an account that has violated the Terms and Conditions.

D. The Company has the right to suspend and close out an account that is in discord with the contract and/or in violation of the law.

17. Compensation for Losses

Other than any damages or losses caused by gross negligence of the Company, it will not bear any responsibility for damages and losses members might experience through services provided free of charge.

18. Exemption Clause

A. The Company is not responsible for not being able to provide services due to events equivalent to natural disasters and such that are beyond control.

B. The Company is not responsible for any service impediment caused by users.

C. The Company is not responsible for any users’ losses that might occur due to usage of information provided by the service.

D. The Company is not responsible for the credibility and/or accuracy of the information provided through the service network, provided by the Company.

E. The Company is not responsible for user posted or transmitted content.

Additional Clause 1. (Date of Enforcement) This Terms and Conditions are enforced starting from January 01, 2021.